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Voices from the Streets

“Electrifying any skateboard in such an easy and sophisticated way is absolutely game-changing.”
Bruno, Kickstarter Backer

“Looking forward to cruising around on one of the coolest electric rides and seeing this become a common way of transportation.”
Bruno, Kickstarter Backer

“I am definitely a Mellow-Man!”
Renaud, Kickstarter Backer

“So far the nicest idea about electric mobility I can think of.”
Holgi, Kickstarter Backer

“It will be glorious and I will bask in the jealous looks of the pushing mortals…”
Konstantin, Kickstarter Backer

“Your project finally convinced me to invest in an electric longboard!”
Nik, Kickstarter Backer

“Your project is exactly what I was dreaming of for years.”
Markus, Kickstarter Backer

“I was absoulutly amazed of the speed you can get on the board while you always maintain control.”
Frederick, Testrider and Kickstarter Backer

“This is actually the closest to the gliding feeling of a surfboard or a snowboard I have ever experienced on a skateboard.”
Frederick, Testrider and Kickstarter Backer

“You absolutely nailed the concept, this is the first electric board that gets all details right!”
Andreas, Kickstarter Backer