What, when and why?


1. Can I push my board in case I run out of battery out there?
Yes, you can! We have gone the extra mile and used up the entire, motor developers trick bag to reduce friction and drag within the motor to a level, where you can’t notice the difference to a normal longboard wheel anymore.

2. What is the difference between the four riding modes?
Rooky Ride: Acceleration 20%, top speed 20km/h 

Eco Ride: Acceleration 40%, top speed 30km/h 

Pro Ride: Acceleration 100%, top speed 40km/h 

Endless Ride: Acceleration 10% (you push), top speed – whatever you can do.
The whole idea behind the “Endless Ride” mode is to keep skateboarding skateboarding – even when there’s a motor involved. You just push your board freely to the speed you want to go and the board holds that speed until you decide to slow down. You simply push and never stop rolling- But you will still be able to use the hand controller for breaking.

3. What does 15 km battery range mean in real life?
As with all vehicles, the use of energy is completely determined by the behavior of the rider. Just like your car uses more petrol in stop and go traffic than on the highway, an electric vehicle will show the same effects. 
This is always due to the large amounts of energy needed for acceleration.
The endless ride mode is ment to minimize acceleration time for the Mellow Drive and therefor extends the range. We are quite certain that you will be able to go over 15km if you consequently use the endless ride mode.
Opposite to that you will end up below 15km with lots of stop and go traffic. The best range is achieved when you accelerate very smoothly and drive at a constant speed of about 30km/h. 
And in the case you just love the thrill of accelerating with you Mellow Board then just get a second battery and go nuts! :-)

4. Does Mellow have a reverse gear?

5. Does Mellow also fit under a penny board?

6. Does Mellow also work on very flexible boards?
We mounted Mellow on pretty much any board already and never had any problems.

7. Can I also split the Mellow 4×4 and use it on two different boards?
Yes, this is one of the big advantages of the 4×4 setup. You can synch and unsynch the two Mellow Drives via the app and also use them on two seperate boards. All you need is a second remote.

8. How does the 4×4 setup effect the speed and range of my board?
The top speed of a 4×4 setup is the same as of the single drive, that’s a physical law. But it comes with a crazy acceleration. The range on the other hand theoretically doubles. But this obviously depends on how you ride your board.

9. Does the fast charger shorten the battery life?
The fast charger that we offer is a european make, that has some safety features built in that will prevent any damage on your battery.

10. What if I have a technical problem with my Mellow Drive?
We are doing everything in the first place to prevent this from happening.
In case you are still faced with a technical problem, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or via the Mellow App. We will then help you to fix it as quick and easy as possible, so you can get back on board.


1. Can I ride with the Mellow Drive in bad/wet weather?
For the Mellow Drive we are applying automotive standards (IP65) in terms of sealing the components against water and dust as well as for vibrations and shocks. The system will be 100% dust proof and proof against hard jets of water. This means you will be able to ride it in the worst weather and hit puddles without any problems. The battery is sealed and the connector is standard IP 67 meaning you could immerse it (the battery!) into water completely and it will still be working just fine. The housing of the electronics is sealed as well and so are all connectors used in the Mellow Drive.

2. Why is a Dual Braking System so important?
First of all it means a lot more safety for you! With its Dual Braking System Mellow not only has a regenerative brake that refreshes your battery with every braking manoeuver. It also has a second braking resistor that kicks in once your battery is fully loaded. If it wouldn’t have that, the brake would simply switch off at that point. And that’s what a lot of other e-boards actually do.
We felt like this is a huge lack of safety, especially if you want to also enjoy rides with longer downhill sections.

3. What happens to my board, if I happen to fall off at full speed?
First of all, please wear a helmet, when you do that ;)
The electronics of Mellow will notice if the rider is standing on the board or not. If you are leaving the board at a reasonable speed the electronics will brake it down automatically so it won’t shoot around like a new years rocket out of control.

4. What is the maximum weight a Mellow rider should not overshoot?
This obviously also depends on the board and the flex of the board you are riding. If your Mellow Drive underneath the board scratches the ground, you know you are too heavy or you need a board with less flex. We had tall guys with 120 kilos riding a Mellow Board, no problem. If you have some heavy bones the 4×4 setup definitely comes in handy to get a better performance and acceleration.

5. Can I carry the Mellow Drive as hand luggage on an airplane?
Our batteries have under 100Wh of energy and all necessary certifications (such as TÜV, CE, UN, UL, FCC) so you can take your Mellow Drive on a plane without a problem.

6. What about warranty?
The Mellow Drive comes with a solid 2 year warranty. The battery has a 1 year warranty.

7. Can I ride Mellow on the street/bike lane?
In October 2015 California passed a law that allows you to ride your electric board anywhere where you can ride a bike. We truly believe this is just the beginning and the rest of the world will follow, it’s just a matter of time. Right now, it’s sort of a legal limbo, officially it’s not forbidden, but it’s also not allowed. We sell Mellow as a piece of sports equipment. Where you ride it and what you do with it, is totally up to you.

Prices and Payment

1. Why does the Mellow Drive cost more than other electric skateboards?
The Mellow Drive is a high quality product that’s developed, tested and produced in Germany. All the components come from here and are not cheaply produced in Asia or elsewhere in the world. The entire Mellow Drive is produced using automotive standards in terms of proofing against environmental influences as well as vibration, shocks and temperature.

The single frame is made out of magnesium, not plastic!
Our custom Mellow electronics are developed and produced by one of the leading electronics manufacturers in Germany. They produce electronics for aerospace applications and the automotive industry and have the highest standards and certifications.
The in-wheel motors are produced at the same standards and they are going to blow your mind when it comes to performance, durability and riding pleasure.
And the decks we will offer for the complete setups also stand for high quality and sustainability at the same time.

2. Why do I have to pay now, if shipping only starts in March 2017?
The payments that come in during the pre-order phase are a strong sign for our partners and potential Investors that Mellow is a product that people really want. And a full payment of course shows a much bigger commitment than just an order that you placed without paying for it.

3. Can I lose my money, if I pay now and Mellow Boards goes bankrupt or something?
No. You have absolutely no financial risk. Your money will be stored on a separate escrow account where it stays untouched until shipping starts. So in case you want to cancel your order during the pre-order phase or Mellow goes bankrupt you will get your money back right away.

4. Can I cancel my order?
During the pre-order phase you can cancel your order anytime.

5. How much money do I save compared to the retail price?
The retail price for a Mellow Drive will be 1.699€. So take advantage of our special pre-order prizes and be the first in the fulfillment queue right behind our Kickstarter backers.

6. How long will the special prices of the pre-order phase last?
On January 1st 2016 the pre-order prices will go up again.

7. Can I testride Mellow before I buy it?
We are offering a lot of testrides to get as many people on board as possible. We do announce the next dates via our social media channels. And even though we try, please understand that we can’t come to everyone since the development of Mellow is still our priority #1 until we hit the market.

8. What is the price in my currency?
We are still working on implementing an automatic price conversion to our pre-order shop. Until then please use a cash converter.

9. Do I still have to pay VAT if I order outside of Germany?
No. Once you select your shipping country during the order/payment process the VAT will be substracted from the total price.

10. What if I have problems to complete my order?
That’s a worst case scenario! But please, don’t just give up. Drop us a message at shop@mellowbords.com. In 99,9% of the cases it’s not your fault, but some technical bullshit, that we will fix right away.

11. Can I get a Mellow Drive for free if I promote it on YouTube, etc.?
Right now, we are still in the prototyping phase, which means legally we are not allowed to give away any of our Mellow Drives. And by the way the prototypes are way more expensive that the serial product will be. But if you want to review Mellow, feel free to contact us on hello@mellowboards.com and we will try to hook up with you for a day to give you the chance to fully experience what the Endless Ride is all about.


1. When will you start shipping?
The estimated shipping date for our first orders is September 2016. Order now and get your Mellow Drive by March 2017.

2. Why do I have to wait so long for my order to be shipped?
Although we are working as professional and routined as possible Mellow is still a start-up company busy developing a high-tech and high-quality product. This takes time.
On the other hand a lot of people have already been pre-ordering a Mellow Drive. We are ramping up production as fast as we can, sorry if you have to wait a little in line until we can deliver the Endless Ride to you.

3. To which countries are you shipping?
We are shipping worldwide.

4. What about customs?
Please note, that we are NOT taking care of customs. We ask you to check the customs regulations for your country carefully to avoid unnecessary surprises. We know there are some countries that charge quite a bit of money if you order things from outside.
To make things easier, we are busy building a worldwide network of local distributors that will help us to find a way around these extra costs.


1. What size wheels and trucks do you use for the Mellow Drive?
We use 80mm 80a wheels and the truck is a standard 180mm longboard truck.

2. Are you also going to offer different wheels?
Yes, throughout the pre-order phase we will stock up our online shop with a variety of wheels in different sizes, hardnesses and shapes.

3. How quick do the wheels wear off and how can I replace them?
This definitely depends on how you ride your board. If you slide a lot with your board they will of course wear off more quickly. Generally the wheels of the Mellow Drive are very robust. We would be impressed if you would have to change the wheels once a year. To replace them just unscrew the cover plate of the wheel with a regular skateboard tool, slide off the used wheel and slide the new one back on.

4. Can I also get a matching front truck and wheels with my Mellow Drive?
Yes, we also offer a single front truck with wheels in the same color and shape as the one on the Mellow Drive.

5. Can I get a second remote to use my 4×4 setup on two separate boards?
Yes. We will stock up our online shop shortly and also offer a remote as a seperate accessory.

6. Can I add more accessories to my order during the pre-order phase?
Yes you can. Just send us an email to shop@mellowboards.com with the details of your first order before you order again and we will send you a voucher to safe you the extra shipping costs. We will then add all items to your Mellow Box.


How can I become a Mellow Distributor?
Yay! We are always looking for good partners who want to help us to bring Mellow to the streets. Just fill out the distributor contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.