We have a history

The first serial parts arrive

26 One year after Kickstarter the technical development of the Mellow Drive is officially completed. The best present to their anniversary comes in the mail: On June 10th the the first serial magnesium frames arrive at the lab in Munich. With 450g each they weigh just about 100g more than a plastic frame would weigh. Here’s to German engineering!

Mellow on Tour

26 After all these big business meetings it’s time to get back out and spread the Mellow virus among the people on the street. Therefor Mellow invites everybody to join them on their testride tour throughout Europe. Departing from Cologne they cover 16 cities in 6 countries within the next three weeks. Among the stoked Mellow virgins: the Tesla Owners Club in Switzerland and Phil Grace, shaper legend in Hossegor.

Among the top 10 mobility start-ups in Europe

26 From all the start-up conventions the Pioneers Festival is one of the most prestigious events. Mellow is invited to pitch their idea of a new era in urban mobility in front of 300 high potential investors. Gathering pockets full of promising contacts and being recgonized as one of Europes top 10 mobility start-ups. So proud.

The first big trade show

26 End of January everything is prepared to step into the arena with all the sports brands out there. The Mellow Team is heading to Munich to stir up the scene at the worlds biggest exhibition for sport business – the ISPO. Showcasing not only the polished prototypes, but also their freshest moving pictures masterpiece, „7 Chapters of Awesomeness“, shot just a week before in Barcelona.

Series A completed

26A wise man once said: „If you have a good idea, the money will follow all by itself.“
One year after the founding of Mellow this prophecy fulfills in form of a 1,5 Mio. Euro Investment from TQ Systems to the company. They have been part of the development of the Mellow Drive from zero hour and with their expertise and financial support they now secure the transfer from prototyping to the actual series production. So here’s to you, partner, welcome to the Mellow family!

The Final Design

mantisOn the 6th of December, St. Nicholas Day, kids in Germany put their boots out to get them filled up with candy over night. As a good german company Mellow follows this tradition and pulls out a sweet reward for their supporters from their seven-league boots: the final design of the Mellow Drive. Following another tradition, the team celebrates the achievement of this big milestone with a lot of glühwein.

Ready for Pre-Order

mellow-pre-order-now-storyWith the money from Kickstarter behind them, the team goes into full throttle mode. The Mellow Website is launched only minutes after the end of the crowdfunding campaign and within the next two months an incredible crowd of over 6.500 people subscribe on the platform to get a shout as soon as Mellow is ready for pre-order. On September 14th the Mellow Candy Store finally opens it’s doors to the public.

Successfully funded with kickstarter

mellow-fundedAfter 30 days of promoting Mellow on the streets and in trillions of emails, comments, updates and stretchgoals, it’s done. With the help of more than 350 dedicated backers from all over the globe – thanks guys, you rock – the Mellow Team pulls off its campaign with a staggering 309.978 Euros. Badda boom badda baaaang!

Mellow goes Kickstarter

Poor but sexy the two Founders have gathered an ambitous 12 headed team of boardsports enthusiasts and professional friends and supporters. On May 12th they successfully launch their Kickstarter campaign as one of the first german projects. The goal: 100.000 Euros and the delivery of the first Mellow Drives in May 2016.

Let’s get serious

mellow-dealAfter one year of preparing and searching for the best partners and suppliers Johannes and Kilian iron their shirts and meet up with the notary to finally found the Mellow Boards company.

Prototype of a dream

mellow-prototypeHalf a year after meeting Johannes, Kilian quits his job. Ambitously obsessed to make the idea of Mellow become a technical reality he spends his days in Nerdistan. Calculating, winding, soldering, cursing, recalculating and finally coming back with the first prototype.

The guy from Nerdistan

mellow-kilian-maroccoOn a surftrip to Morocco after a good session at Anchor Point, Johannes meets Kilian. A long haired surfer dude who in his real life works as an electric engineer for BMW in Munich. „What a nerd.“, Johannes thinks. „What a freak.“, Kilian thinks. But it takes them a pizza and a good chat about the idea of Mellow to decide to join forces.

Dreaming of the Endless Ride

mellow-action-johannes-2A couple of years down the line Johannes is fully infected with the boardsports virus. Whenever time and money allow it, he’s shredding mountains or riding waves all over the world. But studying and working keep him from living this lifestyle 24/7. One day, flippin through a magazine, he stumbles over a picture of a bulky, petrol driven skateboard. This changes everything. The dream of the Endless Ride is born.

The first board

mellow-johannes-first-board1990 is a year Johannes will never forget. Being born in the communist part of Germany he is 6 six years old when the Berlin Wall falls. But while the whole world is celebrating the peaceful reunification of the German nation for little Johannes a whole new world opens up when he gets his feet on his first skateboard.