Meet Mellow – the first ever drive system for skateboards that can be mounted on any deck. Just unscrew your rear truck and replace it with the Mellow Drive – simple as that. And if you think now, „This looks like nothing else I’ve ever seen.“, you’re damn right. With this concept we are challenging existing e-board standards in terms of design, quality and sustainability. Mellow is a state of the art product „Made in Germany“ that comes with a solid 2 year warranty.


This is where the Mellow Drive brings its power to the streets. Two custom made in-wheel motors deliver high performance and top speeds of up to 40km/h (25mph) with virtually no noise. Completely encapsuled they are water and dust proof (IP65). And because we want you to feel like you’re still riding a skateboard and not a hoverwhatever you can still push and freewheel.


The frame is the backbone of Mellow. It’s a one piece component cast out of metal. No screws, no seams, no glew. Made of magnesium, which is even lighter than aluminium, the frame is a solid protection for the battery against curbs or impacts of all kind. The click-in mechanism, makes it snuggle tightly into the frame and releases it by the push of a button. And with its standard 6 hole truck the frame fits under any deck.




The swappable battery pack is a tailor-made solution for the Mellow Drive. At 99 Wh it has a maximum range of 12km – 15km (10miles) and is thus also certified for airtravel. It even has a USB port to rejuice your devices on the go. Thanks to the high quality lithium ion cells from the Tesla supplier and a battery management system that monitors and protects it all the time this allrounder comes with a 1 year warranty.


Designed and developed from scratch, the Mellow Remote is a one button device that outgrows the look and feel of all the toy remotes out there. It fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and gets all functions under your thumb. Push to accelerate, pull to brake. You can switch between the four riding modes: Rookie, Eco, Pro & Endless Ride (pushing with cruise control). While integrated LEDs and a vibrating alert inform you about the state of charge.


Speed is awesome. If you can control it. Mellow has a Dual Braking System, that #1 regenerates your battery, thus increasing your range AND #2 still works when you are fully charged. Whereas the brakes of a lot of the existing rides actually switch off at that point. Take that for a killer feature.


The Mellow App for iOS and Android is the interface between the control center of your Mellow Drive and the support behind it. You can choose your riding mode, monitor the data of your rides, sync or split two Mellow Drives as 4×4, share and interact with the Mellow community or get in contact whenever you need to.