The perfect Mellow setup for electric skateboarding

Mellow electric skateboard

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Choose a high performance Mellow Board that fits best to your daily commute.

Mellow Board Surfer


The simple shape that is great for cruising, dancing or carving.

Mellow Board Cruiser


The Mellow Cruiser is best for easily travel and urban maneuvering.

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BuddyBuddy Boards

Buddybuddy is a fellow German company who, like Mellow, is fighting for mobility that is cleaner and more fun.

The key to Buddybuddy Boards is Anchor Core Technology. This green magic from the forests of East Germany reduces the use of harmful environment-damaging materials. Anchor Core Technology literally ties together the top and bottom sheets of the deck at specific anchor points to obtain higher levels of dampening and stiffness. This results in decks that will give you top-notch riding sensations, with a ride that is both flexible and snappy. Linking key areas of the board together allows BuddyBuddy to reduce the number of layers of wood while avoiding synthetics like carbon fiber. The technique also strengthens the board in the process, making delamination nearly impossible!

BuddyBuddy AnchorCoreTechnology


The key aspect behind AnchorCoreTechnology® is the union of the top and bottom fiber layers by anchor points. Placing these points in specific positions, it is possible to improve the different dynamic characteristics as needed for each board section.


By strategically placing the anchor points, we can adjust the damping, longitudinal and torsional stiffness almost independently one from each other. This allows us to differentiate the main characteristics in every section of the board as required.


Because of our exclusive ability to manufacture boards that are torsionally stiff while still keeping an exceptional damping effect, our products run extremely smooth and controllable at high speeds.


The anchor cores pull the fibers in the fabrication process using our patented method. Also called snap or liveliness, it makes our boards energy ready to handle dynamic actions like jump landing, ollies, etc.


By connecting the top and the bottom sheet of fibers, it is no longer possible for the layers to separate from the core (delamination) with a normal use, which is usually the reason for a board to break.


With this technology, we are able to do what all high end manufacturers said was impossible: build top notch performing boards without using any synthetic fibers like carbon fiber.

Building the perfect board for electric skateboarding

BuddyBuddy's innovative process keeps it simple and light by just threading the solution into the board.

Mellow Board Surfer


Dynamic flex along the length of the board ("longitudinal flex") is key for riding comfort and improving turning radius. Higher flex will really make turns more enjoyable while blasting through backroads on a Mellow Board. At the same time, Anchor Core Technology's wiring increases torsional stiffness (reducing "twisting" flex) to give precise control that's critical at high speeds.


Damping is what absorbs lumps and bumps in your path to keep your board connected to the road. Shock absorption is particularly important for electric skateboarding in order to stay fresh and relaxed on those long 50 km rides on all sorts of terrain. Higher levels of damping will also come in handy to reduce fear and wobbles if you ever decide to go full throttle. Keeping you comfy and safe through greener tech - another area with Anchor Core Technology shines!


A skateboard should be alive - it should react to your movements. You don’t want to ride dead wood. When you push on it, it should push back. When you hit high speeds, it should stay focused and present under your feet. Snap, crackle and fun. That's Anchor Core Technology.