For Mellow Boards 2016 starts with a funding into the millions

Hamburg, 6 January 2016

The Hamburg based e-mobility startup Mellow Boards starts after its successful second round financing with some tailwind into the new year. Their development and produktion partner TQ Systems invests 1,5 million Euros and thus secures the funding from the technical side to the production stage. In Munich the Mellow founders Johannes Schewe (CEO) and Kilian Green (CTO) signed the contract of participation with TQ Systems founder Detlef Schneider.

In spring 2015 Mellow Boards already caught some attention on Kickstarter, the worlds biggest crowdfunding platform. Their compact electric drive, that can be mounted on any skateboard within minutes got funded with over 300.000 Euro. That’s probably because the concept of a drive that can turn any normal skateboard into an electric board is absolutely unique. In contrast to their international competition of e-boards the guys from Hamburg focus for the development on high quality „Made in Germany“.

At the beginning it was just the search for the Endless Ride, that drove the team, all boardsport enthusiasts, forward. The possibility to enjoy the riding pleasure of surfing and snowboarding every day in the city. But quickly it became clear, that a compact electric vehicle, with such high quality standards has a lot more potential. Kilian Green (CTO): „Mellow is not a toy. Besides the fun factor, Mellow has the potential to change the way we think about urban mobility.“

After the presentation of their final design for the Mellow Drive beginning of December the next milestone on the way to the serial product wasen’t long to come. By signing the participation contract the Mellow Boards GmbH successfully closes their series A for the development and production phase. The Kickstarter supporters from zero hour and those who already pre-ordered a drive now in the Mellow online shop were the first ones, to get the good news. With a strong partner like the TQ Systems Group chances are high, that the targeted shipping date of February 2017 can be met.

The company TQ Systems located at the Ammersee is a leading German electronics provider, who stands for highest quality in drive technology, for automotive but also aerospace. Just recently they got awarded by the readers of the journal Markt&Technik in three categories as Best EMS 2015

„That was our christmas present to ourselves.“ Johannes Schewe (CEO) comments the closing of the contract. „You need more than money to launch a product like this. Money gives you planning security, but for us it’s even more important to have a partner on board, who believes in our vision and delivers exceptional quality over the past 20 years.“ Right the startup is still looking for more strategic partners, especially a strong distribution partner. Apart from that Mellow Boards is always happy to exchange with anyone who is interested in the topic of Smart City and sustainable transportation.

About Mellow Boards

Mellow Boards is a Hamburg based start-up providing a smart alternative for urban transportation. It all started with the dream of the Endless Ride – bringing the feeling of surfing and snowboarding to the streets. Three years of design, prototyping and fine-tuning of more than 300 custom-made individual parts followed. The result is a mountable electric skateboard drive – a high quality product for high-performance use, made in Germany. With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and the cooperation with investor and production partner TQ Systems, Mellow Boards launched the final Mellow Drive in March 2017.


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