Mellow Boards brings the asphalt surf to the next level

Hamburg, 12 June 2015

A startup of boardsports enthusiasts from Hamburg is about to bring the concept of electric driven skateboards to a whole new level. They developed the first mountable drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – in a blink of an eye. Half a year after their successful Kick-starter campaign they now release their next milestone on their way to serial pro-duction: the final design.

In late spring 2015 the Hamburg based startup Mellow Boards introduced in their Kickstarter campaign the worlds first mountable electric drive that fits on any skateboard. Unlike all other e-boards, which are produced in Asia, the newcomers from Hamburg rely on quality „Made in Germany“. To great success: After one month they gathered supporters from over 28 countries and a funding sum of over 325.000 US Dollar. Enough starter cash to bring their dream of „the Endless Ride“ to the streets. Six months later the team now uncovers the final design of the Mellow Drive.

Altogether the design of the drive, now all-black, looks more pure and grown up and aligns with the classical shape of a skateboard. But the new facelift also goes hand in hand with a lot of technical improvements. The surrounding frame made of magnesium offers maximum protection for the Mellow Drive and the swappable battery pack (10 mile range) against curbs and impacts of all kind.

Also the swapping of the battery has become smarter. With its click-in mechanism less space is needed which is good news for those who are interested in the 4x4 setup. The new design allows you to mount the two drives even on shorter decks.

The only button of the system is located on top of the battery. This is where you switch the Mellow Drive on and off. While riding you control the Mellow Drive with the custom made remote. It’s a one button device with a LED display and a slide control.

The ribbed surface of the frame towards the truck is pretty striking. But this is actually not a design but a safety feature as Kilian Green (CTO at Mellow Boards) explains. The ribs are there to dissipate heat during braking. Unlike the competition Mellow has a dual braking system. The regenerative brake directs energy back into the battery with every braking maneuver. In case the battery is fully charged, Mellow has a built-in braking resistor that prevents the brake from switching off and dissipates the energy into heat via the ribs. Most of the other brakes out there simply switch off at that point.

A real eyecatcher are the blue wheels with their yellow rims. They are the colourful cover for the in-wheel motors (25 mph top speed). To exchange them, all you need is a standard skateboard tool. If you like the looks you can even get the matching front truck in the Mellow pre-order shop (

The new design isn’t the only big step towards serial production. At the turn of the year Mellow Boards will also start the second phase of their pre-order. So in case you couldn’t decide yet to order your Mellow Drive you shouldn’t wait too long. From January 1st prices will go up – around 200 US Dollar per drive. The principle behind that is simple, the sooner you order, the better the offer.

About Mellow Boards

Mellow Boards is a Hamburg based start-up providing a smart alternative for urban transportation. It all started with the dream of the Endless Ride – bringing the feeling of surfing and snowboarding to the streets. Three years of design, prototyping and fine-tuning of more than 300 custom-made individual parts followed. The result is a mountable electric skateboard drive – a high quality product for high-performance use, made in Germany. With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and the cooperation with investor and production partner TQ Systems, Mellow Boards launched the final Mellow Drive in March 2017.


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