Deck Choices for Mellow Board Complete Setups

Deck Selection

9 January 2017

So, you've opted for Mellow's complete setups or the Mellow Board 4x4 complete set-up. This includes a high performance deck to go with your Mellow Drive skateboard kit and its customized trucks and wheels.

With features like integrated nose/tail guards, triple V-lam bamboo cores and carbon stringers you'll be adding both style and performance. Kick tails and wheel flares make your ride stand out from lifeless cookie-cutter boards. If you want to further understand the different longboard shapes that exist read this break down.

After you place your order, you will be requested to select one of the two decks made by our local partners, boardmakers at BuddyBuddy. Be sure to select desired flex for your weight and riding preferences to further tailor your ride if you go with a Buddybuddy board. Take a look at the selection below and send your electrical skateboard choice to to know what is avaiable to choose when you order your complete set-up.

1.Buddybuddy SURFER (flex 1)
2. BuddyBuddy Cruiser

Buddybuddy SURFER Longboard deck (Flex1)

The simple shape that everyone loves that is great for cruising, dancing or carving. Light and well designed, it's the perfect setup for carving and electric skateboard commuting and is available in two flex options. The massive cut-outs allow for deep surfy carves and fun commuting. The platform is large enough for dancing around, as well as freeriding, but it is all kept simple in order to focus on the joy of surfing sidewalks. Handmade in Germany! (complete decks for the 4WD will receive this board)

Choose between:

Flex 1 – Riders > 70kg / 150 lbs. middle flex perfect for fun cruising and medium speed

-AnchorCore Technology® binding top and bottom layers
- Enhanced dynamics, stiffness and vibrational damping
- Comfort-fit W concave for maximal shoe to grip tape contact
- Integrated nose and tail guards
- Recycled materials and green products
- Non-stop single piece wood core

Length: 99.00 cm / 39.00 inches
Width: 23.11 cm / 9.10 inches
Wheelbase: 84.00 cm / 33.07 inches

Buddybuddy Cruiser

This compact custom made short skate deck brings the know-how and green construction of Buddybuddy to an unusual size for them. It's trimmed and shorter for easily travel and urban maneuvering. The W shape will make sure you feet don't tire on long rides. It's the perfect ride for that Endless Rider that doesn't want to stray too far from his skateboard roots.

- enhanced dynamics, stiffness and vibrational damping
- Comfort-fit W concave for maximal shoe to grip tape contact
- integrated nose and tail guards
- recycled materials and green products
- non-stop single piece wood core

Length: 78 cm / 30.7 inches
Width: 25 cm / 9.84 inches
Wheelbase: 60cm/ 23.6 inches

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