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11 September 2018

Two weeks ago we asked Mellow owners and people interested in Mellow for feedback on payment plan options. We received a lot of detailed answers which we are very thankful for. Today, we are happy to announce a better new rate payment option for Germany, a first step to expand this offer to the whole EU.

Rate Payment Now Available for Germany

Rate payment via the Santander Consumer Bank is already available in our web shop for customers from Germany and we plan to extend to other countries step by step. The conditions you can choose from are the following:

6 months - 0% financing
12 months - 0% financing
24 months - 7,9% financing
Creditworthiness provided. Representative example according to § 6a (4) PAngV

To activate the installment, please send the following information to ratenkauf@mellowboards.com

- first name, last name, shipping address / billing address
- product name or item number as stated in the shopping cart (e.g.: Mellow Drive / MEL-DRI-V01-EU)
- voucher code 

Afterwards you'll receive an order from us and a link for the payment, where you will be able to finally choose your favourite rate payment option from Santander. Depending on your individual credit rating Santander will give the final approval and we’ll ship your Mellow as usual within 3 days.

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