Choosing Mellow: It's About Time


14 March 2017

By a certain age, we learn that time is our most precious asset. We also find out how easy it is to have it stolen. Sometimes we even realize that obsessively saving time isn't much better. Our greatest “time-savers” take as often as they give: connectivity, cars and buses, and fast cheap bargains. Multitasking is the worst offender of all.

best-family-posed-mellow-banner Steven , 45 years old, business man, rookie longboarder, always dreamt of learning to surf

"Time is life itself, and life resides in the human heart”

Spend time - stop saving it.

The molasses of “rush” hour gridlock, every morning and every evening, is a grey limbo where we’re not really at work, but not exactly having fun either. Our vacations stutter and splinter with each e-mail that skitters in through hotel wifi. Aided and abetted by routine, the minutes we believed were ours slip away. Grand theft auto-nomy.

It’s about time. Time to take it back.“Calendars and clocks exist to measure time, but that signifies little because we all know that an hour can seem as eternity or pass in a flash, according to how we spend it.”


Commuting with an electric skateboard over the last two years, I transformed my bus trip to work into play, carving up the “concrete wave” twice daily like cool slices of vacation. Using the bike lanes, a fast stroller and a bit of imagination, taking a little someone along just doubles the fun.

But you can't truly have a good time if your mind and spirit are going north and south. I chose Mellow as my next ride because its solid German build promises to keep me rolling worry-free, whether it's back and forth from work or just circles in the park. The fast charger and instant battery swap let me stay out there as long and as far as I want.

While justice occasionally does catch up to time thieves,why wait around? Taking back time that’s ours can be an everyday affair.

Just stay Mellow.

Quotes are excerpts from “Momo”, an strangely accurate fantasy about time thieves by Michael Ende, a German (Bavarian!) author best known for his novel “The Neverending Story”.

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