An Electric Skateboard That You Can Bring On a Plane and Travel the World


11 April 2018

When creating our electric skateboard we wanted to make sure it could come with us anywhere so we designed it with a battery that meets air-travel requirements. So this meant a small, smart, powerful, safe and swappable battery which makes for a truly endless ride around the world

The CYESDT? videos will help understand the difference of Mellow and see that development and progress to the current e-skate standards was the goal. Over the past 3 years we have put our nerdy brains to the challenge of making the best electric skateboard you can buy answering your demands of making e-skating more simple, reliable, accessible, powerful but safe, flexible and air-travelled approved! Stay tuned for a new part every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks and hopefully this spring you will join the Mellow family too! Watch the other CYESDT? episodes HERE.

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