Der kleine Tesla aus Deutschland

Hamburg, 28 April 2016

While Tesla has garnered plenty of attention over the last few days with the unveiling of their newest electric car, a German startup from Hamburg is attempting a shake-up of the e-mobility industry all its own. Mellow Boards is a group of boardsports enthusiasts and skilled engineers who have created the world’s first compact electric drive that can be installed quickly under any skateboard – or anything else.

Mellow Boards went live with their project on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in May 2015 with backers from all over the globe responding enthusiastically with over 300,000 euros in funding. The intersection of several unique concepts made this project resonate strongly: a modular drive that is easily mountable to any board, with in-wheel motors and swappable battery protected by a lightweight metal housing.

The e-mobility market has exploded due to fascinated consumers, but remains filled with gadgets that are heavy, unstable by design and limited to jogging speeds. Commuters have begun the search for dependable alternatives for daily use. Focusing on this high-end need, Mellow Boards treads its own path by being the first to develop and produce a top quality drive with only local companies in Germany, not overseas. Raising the bar on safety, Mellow certifies all components to be air travel compliant (UN/UL) and waterproof by international standards (IP65/IP67).

“In the early days, it was all about the search for the Endless Ride,” said CEO Johannes Schewe about the company’s origins, “Imagine catching a wave or gliding through powder in the city. We quickly realized that a high-performance system had much more potential than novelty ridables. ”

Mellow Boards CTO Kilian Green adds, “Mellow is serious fun, but not a toy. It is both durable and versatile, adapting to those stepping onto a skateboard for the first time in their lives, while giving unparalled sensations to those who never seem able to get off of one. Mellow lets you put the carve into your commute.“

The electric skateboard drive is clearly just the start for Mellow Boards. This vision had electronics producer TQ-Systems so convinced that, at the end of 2015, they invested 1.5 million euros into the company. Leading car manufacturers have approached Mellow Boards for partnerships.

The decisive advantage of the Mellow Drive compared to any car, even the Tesla Model 3, is its compact size. The drive itself weighs only 3.5 kg and benefits from auto industry-grade state of the art technology. More than just a “last mile” solution, Mellow Boards is a vision of the future of urban transportation.

A recent post on Facebook showing a mock-up of the “Mellow Car” shows just how comfortable the Mellow Boards team feels in its role as a pioneer. Although it turned out to be an April Fools joke, cheers from followers nonetheless confirm that this vision of the world’s smallest car isn’t too far-fetched, especially not for this team from Hamburg.

Über Mellow Boards

Mellow Boards ist ein Hamburger Start-up, das eine intelligente Alternative für urbane Mobilität bietet. Am Anfang stand der Traum vom „Endless Ride“ – das Gefühl des Surfens und Snowboardens – auf die Straße zu bringen. Drei Jahre Konzeption, Prototypenentwicklung und Feinabstimmung zur Kombination von mehr als 300 individuell angepassten Teilen folgten. Das Ergebnis ist ein hochwertiger und hochleistungsfähiger sowie flexibel montierbarer elektrischer Skateboard-Antrieb – Made in Germany. Mit Hilfe einer erfolgreichen Kickstarter-Kampagne im Jahr 2015 und der Zusammenarbeit mit Investor und Produktionspartner TQ Systems bringt Mellow Boards im Frühling 2017 die finale Produktversion des Mellow Drives auf den Markt.


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