Electric Skateboard Travel Guide: Biarritz


9 June 2017

Welcome to a French electric skateboarding paradise. Welcome to Biarritz. Known as French California, the nice weather is just the beginning of the perfect e-skate vacation here on the Atlantic coast close to the Spanish border. Being the first place where people surfed in Europe, boardsports are in people’s blood and in the waters of the blue coastline that follows you. Smooth roads and bike paths are omnipresent. This is the right place to head if you are looking some sun and new sights to see rolling by on your electic skateboard.


La Côte des Basques

Cruising road alongside the waves the first people in Europe ever surfed is a ride for your imagination. There's a smooth strip of road that has few cars since it leads to a dead end. This beach is great for beginner surfers, so why not park your board at a surf school or shop and get in the water! There is also the Surf Museum, the infamous Le Surfing restaurant. Visit the bus shelter mural painted by the artists Nils Inne and there’s even a outdoor night club that is one of the best places to go if you still have some party battery in your legs after a long day of electric skateboarding and surfing.

DSC02289 DSC02298 DSC02267

La Grande Plage

This is the heart of downtown Biarritz. It's a very busy beach with plenty of restaurants and surf shops around. This is a very reliable surf spot that often works even at high tide. Be impressed by the Hôtel du Palais and stop in at the Quiksilver surf shop for a surf lesson, surfboard rental and any skate material you might need. When leaving this beach towards Anglet you can switch to your pro mode to get up the 12-15% hill of Rue Gambetta. Otherwise there is a staircase on the far north side of the boardwalk to get up. Enjoy the ride through tunnels under the grand hotel that lead to the end of the beach to find them. 

DSC02217 DSC02208

Chambre D’Amour

Now it's time to roll down to the Chambre D'Amour in Anglet. The story of the two drowned lovers caught in a cave at high tide gave the name of this location, « Room of Love ». Roll down to this epic place to surf and perfect place to chill. There’s multiple restaurants here, but our favorite is the Beach House with pool available to customers and delicious food to be munched in your bathing suit. The prices run a little high at many of the restaurants, but the food is delicious and if you ask politely they will charge your battery. With a fast charger you will be reloaded by the time dessert arrives!

DSC02179 DSC02167 DSC02188 DSC02090 DSC02104 DSC02085

Anglet Backroads

Head inland and take the road north toward Montbrun after climbing the hill out of Chambre D'amour. This is where you will find what we like to call «powder pavement », when asphalt gets so cooked by the sun and becomes so smooth it feels like floating on powder snow. Your e-skate will get you up the hills and if you have a freewheeling board like a Mellow you then can coast the hills with the safety of your brake and feed your board a regenerative snack. Check these roads below and just ride with your mind imagining the sun and wind on your skin...

DSC02027 DSC02024_1 DSC01994_1

Bike Paths

If the open road scares you bit then make sure to use the bike paths. They are wide, they are protected and they are everywhere. Stay closer to the coast line all the way to La Barre or head up to Bayonne the whole way on the paths. Once you get past Bayonne, the « green highway » bike path begins where you ride through raw nature north for hundreds of kms, but we will give you the details on that in our Hossegor guide coming later this summer.

DSC01700 DSC01695 DSC01690

So, ride out in the morning to check for waves at your favorite surf spots or simply head out to catch some rays and seafood for lunch. The rolling hills are under the shade and the tall pine forests are a delight.  The dreamy asphalt roads are long and smooth making it easy to get carried away, so watch your power level while riding. If possible grab an extra battery for a big day out or at least bring your fast charger. We are going to suggest you some spots along this 10 km route that you can try to link all together or just do smaller individual missions. The potential of your mission all depends on your battery life or if you can find yourself a little pit stop to recharge along the road between Biarritz and Anglet.


Voila, catch a flight direct to Biarritz or ride a train down here in less than 6 hours from Paris. If you like riding your electric skateboard and fair weather you will be a happy e-skater here. For good prices and availability come during the down season in spring and fall to avoid cars and crowds, otherwise just ride during mornings or at 8 pm for open roads free of cars because all French people eat dinner at the same time :)

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