In-Wheel Motors

Mellow In-Wheel Motors

Riding the Mellow Drive feels like a tamed Mustang – lots of power with a smooth acceleration right up to the top speed.

The two in-wheel motors can easily accelerate you to top speeds of up to 40km/h (25mph).

Safety first! The Mellow Drive comes with not just one but two brakes.

The reinvention of the wheel

This is where the Mellow Drive flexes its muscles. The two in-wheel motors can accelerate you to top speeds of up to 40km/h.

Excellent acceleration

A look under the hood of the Mellow Drive reveals a serious power machine. The data sheet of the custom made motors promise 6Nm (3Nm each), 1000 Watt and a top speed of up to 40km/h (25mph). In real life it means that this rear wheel drive accelerates you from zero to hero at full thrust all the way. If you compare the performance of a Mellow Drive to automotive standards the board (without a rider) provides the same boost as a 500HP supercar.

Mellow In-Wheel Motors

What about

Riding Uphill
Fly up grades – no sweat.

Living in a hilly area? No sweat! With the uphill performance of the Mellow Drive you’ll leave every cyclist gasping.

Riding Uphill

Braking news

A reliable brake is crucial for a motorized skateboard. That’s why the Mellow Drive has not one but two of them. A regenerative brake that recycles braking energy into battery power. And a second braking resistor that still allows you to slow down when the regenerative brake has switched off. It also functions as a heat sink to protect the motors. Offering the extra safety you need when going downhill.


Recharge your battery with every braking manoeuver.


A second braking resistor doubles up the braking power of the Mellow Drive.


We equipped the Mellow Drive with the most advanced braking system to keep you save at all times.

Water &

Water & Dustproof
It can take the rain – if you can

That's a first in the industry and a challenge for the rider. The Mellow Drive is weather-resistant – if you are.

Water and Dustproof

Mellow Drive Wheels

These wheels represent elegant understatement. They disguise the powerful motors of the Mellow Drive beautifully.

Mellow Wheels

Friction within the Mellow motors has been reduced to a minimum. In contrast to a belt driven board the motors of the Mellow Drive allow you to freewheel like a regular skateboard. So even if you run out of juice while riding you can easily push your way home.

Pit Stop

The wheels itself can be replaced once they are worn down. All you need is a skateboard tool and a new set of rims.

Mellow change drive wheels

Cables like
blue veins

Hidden and protected

To shield the cables that run from the motors to the electronics as good as possible we embedded them into the custom made truck of the Mellow Drive.

Mellow Cabels

The tech behind the power

The motors for the Mellow Drive have been engineered from scratch to provide you with an unprecedented ride.

Mellow Drive Acceleration
Mellow Drive Power

The stator of each Mellow motor consists of 12 single wound teeth. This custom made construction allows for more wire to get onto the stator, which brings more current and thus more torque.


The magnets in the Mellow motors are special arched magnets. They have a higher efficiency than flat magnets and prevent the loss of torque due to air gaps between the magnets and the stator.

The first professional Testrig for electric skateboards

Thanks to the Mellow Testrig, we are able to test all kinds of different settings and scenarios.