The Mellow Drive

The first electric drive that fits any skateboard.

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The Mellow Drive mounts like a normal skateboard truck. Just 4 screws and a few simple steps and you are ready to ride.

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Fits any Board
Versatile & portable

This compact drive not only fits any skateboard but also any bag to take it with you wherever you want.

Expandable range

Thanks to the swappable battery pack you can multiply your range for as long as you like.

Durable quality

Skateboarding can be tough. That's why the Mellow Drive is a quality product made in Germany, built to last.

It feels like riding an endless wave

Supersmooth acceleration, powerful braking – the Mellow Drive provides for a singular riding experience. With this high-end concept we are challenging existing standards of electric skateboards.

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Mellow Board

Ride safely

The Mellow Drive comes with a dual braking and a lot of other safety features. For instance the first riders licence for electric skateboards.

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Ride Safely

What's the story?

It all began with two brothers in spirit searching for the endless ride. Today Mellow is among the top 10 e-mobility start-ups in Europe.

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Our Story Searching for
the endless ride
Execution of a dream Designed, engineered and produced in Germany
The Mellow makers Meet the people that bring the Endless Ride to your streets
Mellow School It's time for Mellow School - listen up!
Build to last Quality product with a
2 year warranty, made in Germany

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Mellow remote controlled electric skateboard kit

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