The Mellow Drive is an electric truck that fits any skateboard. It brings you the sensation of surfing and snowboarding on your daily trips through the city. As a quality product Made in Germany it also offers a durable and sustainable ride that has the potential to change the way we think about urban mobility.

Mellow remote controlled electric skateboard kit

Our story

It all began with two brothers in spirit searching for the endless ride. Today Mellow is among the top 10 e-mobility start-ups in Europe.

Our Story Searching for the endless ride
A new quality standard Designed, engineered and produced in Germany
Is Mellow the best choice for me? Meet three people that tell you their Mellow story
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What is an electric skateboard? A good introduction that might get you hooked
Driving Urban Mobility Electric Skateboards Introducing the Mellow Drive
Bringing it all together Behind the scenes of the ramp up for the serious production
The Mellow Makers Meet the people that bring the Endless Ride to your streets

Voices from the street

I must say I am very much too stoked to see this. You guys are gonna kiiiiiiiilllll it!!!
Pablo Castro, International Sales Director @ Loaded Boards, Inc.

After having spent endless hours comparing all the electric boards available, their makers and their visions, I want yours and only yours.
Wilson Henley

With Mellow you are streets ahead of the competition.
Thore Vogt

You absolutely nailed the concept, this is the first electric board that gets all details right!
Andreas, Kickstarter Backer

Your project finally convinced me to invest in an electric longboard!
Nik, Kickstarter Backer

Electrifying any skateboard in such an easy and sophisticated way is absolutely game-changing.
Bruno, Kickstarter Backer


Mellow remote controlled electric skateboard kit

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»Der kleine Tesla aus Deutschland«

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Mellow remote controlled electric skateboard kit

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Mellow is a skateboard motor like none other

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