The Remote

The Mellow Remote

With the slide control accelerating and braking are super intuitive.

Push the button to switch riding modes even while riding.

Check your state of charge at a glance.

Like skateboarding, just more easy

The Remote was custom designed to make the handling of the Mellow Drive as intuitive as possible. It offers full control over acceleration, braking and the riding modes in the palm of your hand.

The Mellow Remote

All you need in the palm of your hand

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The Mellow Remote


All functions at your fingertips

The Remote was designed to make you move naturally. Slide forward to accelerate, slide backwards to brake. While the rubber coated surface offers extra grip for more control and safe handling.

The Remote
Mellow Remote Accelerate


Lean forward and slide the topside of the Remote forward to accelerate. Pushstart your board with your foot first to save battery power.

Mellow Remote Brake


Lean back and slide the topside backward to brake. Every braking manoeuver feeds energy back into your Battery Pack.

Mellow Remote Switch Riding Modes


Push the button on the Remote to choose between the four riding modes. You can also use your Mellow App to do so.


Check the status of your ride

If you push the button of the Remote a hidden display comes alive behind the black surface that communicates all necessary information to the rider.

Mellow Remote Interface

The Riding Modes

The Mellow Drive easily adapts to every rider and use case.

Rookie Mode

Smooth acceleration and braking. With a topspeed of 10km/h perfect for beginners.

Eco Mode

Swifter acceleration. At 30km/h maximum it offers a nice cruising speed.

Pro Mode

Strong acceleration up to 40km/h. For advanced riders and adrenaline junkies only!

Endless Ride Mode

This mode offers the most authentic ride. You push and the motor just supports your pace for a while like a cruise control.

like a tool

Water & Dustproof
Full control in any situation

The Remote comes in a robust and compact form. The rubber coated topside offers a good grip while the plastic of the shells are tough enough to survive a hard fall.
Thanks to its completely sealed topshell, the Remote is also water and dustproof (IP65) like the Mellow Drive.

Reliable Like a Tool

Tech Specs

The Remote has been custom designed from scratch to suit the needs of a Mellow ride.

Mellow Remote Dimensions


The energy use of the Remote is extremely low. Which means on average you might only have to charge it every couple of weeks.


Attach the Remote to your wrist to keep it savely in place.


Length 110 mm (4.5 inch)
Height 23 mm (1.0 inch)
Width 36 mm (1.5 inch)
Weight 80g