Introducing the Mellow Drive S


20 June 2018

We made it our mission ...

... to deliver premium solutions for sustainable urban mobility. After 3 years and growing through all the phases that a start-up must, we are now an official company delivering drives daily. We are celebrating this big milestone by launching the new Mellow Drive S! The Mellow Drive S has the standard performance and quality of the original vision of the Mellow without a lot of the upgrades, that were demanded by the kickstarter crowd, which allows us to keep the price more democratic.


The Mellow Drive S is Smart

At just 699€, it’s the smarter and more adaptable version of the Mellow Drive made for electric skateboard newcomers and those that have been dreaming of the Mellow Drive.

Same Quality but More Flexibility

What can you expect from this new kid in the Mellow family? Both Drives share the same DNA. It is still designed in Germany under the most rigorous quality control, has the same ability to mount to any board, same custom made parts, the same magnesium frame, same swappable battery system, same natural freewheeling ability, same easy to change hub wheels, same two-year warranty, same ability to fly on any plane. The one factor that is not as strong as the full Mellow drive is the water-resistance. Drive the Mellow S on dry roads only. The Mellow Drive S simply has reserved some performance peaks including a slower top speed of 25km/h top and only three riding modes (Rookie, Eco and Pro).

Add Features When You Are Ready For Them

But the Mellow Drive S wouldn't be smart if it couldn't learn genius new features. We realised that a lot of the expensive features we developed are not used right away. That is why the Mellow Drive S is completely upgradeable up to the full version of the Mellow Drive and beyond. In other words, you can customize your Mellow Drive S via the Mellow App (via iOS) with optional extras like the Pro Mode Boost and Endless Mode according to your riding habits and when you feel ready. The user can choose when they are ready to go fast enough for Pro Mode, feel agile enough for the Endless Mode or go ride further thanks to the Range Add-on.

Mellow Smart Kits

With the Mellow Drive S we created a down-to-earth yet premium electric ride that also gives you the freedom to customize it according to your budget and riding routines.

Pro mode boost

Max your topspeed from 25 to 40 km/h. For advanced riders and adrenaline junkies only!

Coming soon

Endless Mode

You push and the motor supports your pace like a pedelec. Electric skateboarding at its best.

Coming soon

No Limit to How Smart the Mellow Drive Will Be

This is just the beginning of a whole new Mellow product experience that we plan to unroll in the future. We created the Mellow Drive S as down-to-earth, yet still premium with the potential to win the hearts of an even bigger community. Because the more people that join the Mellow movement, the bigger our impact will be.
Discover the Mellow Drive S.

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