End of Summer Special


17 August 2018

This summer has been amazing! And it’s not over yet. That’s why we want to get you on board and still enjoy the rest of it. Check out our 2 End of Summer Specials.

Get a free extra Battery


When you order your Mellow Drive now you can get a free extra battery. Just go into our web shop and put one of the following combinations into your shopping cart:

• Mellow Drive + extra Mellow Battery
• Mellow Drive Set + extra Mellow Battery
• Complete Mellow Board + extra Mellow Battery

Using the following voucher code the price of the battery will be subtracted.

Voucher Code

Everything is on stock so your order will be delivered within 3-5 days plus there’s free shipping to anywhere in the EU! This offer is for limited time only.

Pre-order the Mellow Drive S for just 999€


If you want to get the Mellow Drive S instead here’s our second special offer. We decided to keep the pre-order price of the Mellow Drive S at 999€ until it will finally be on stock. Then the regular price will be 1299€.

We thought it’s fair to bridge the waiting time by keeping the price low. So pre-order in our web shop for 999€ and get the Mellow Drive S in fall 2018. There are no additional shipping costs within the EU!

The Mellow Drive S is as modular as it gets. Apart from its standard features you can customize it according to your budget and riding routines. Learn more about the Mellow Drive S.

Both special offers are only valid in Europe!

Stay tuned on further product developments and speical offers via the Mellow Times.

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