Happy Holidays!


22 December 2017

2017 is about done and what a ride it was! Thanks for joining us in these adventurous times. After achieving the major milestone of completing all pending pre-order deliveries in early December we are happy to see the Mellow family grow.

Thanks for all your feedback! More and more pictures and footage from Mellow riders are appearing on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. We received lots of very positive returns throughout the year, which showed us that we are on the right track and it’s worth going the extra mile. Of course, there was also critical feedback, which was very valuable for us. Many constructive ideas on how to improve things helped us fine tune some aspects that are already part of our latest product iterations.

For the last couple of days of the year we wish you a very mellow and relaxed holiday with your families and loved ones. Merry Christmas everyone and a good start into 2018!

Nach Oben