Mellow E-Skate Ice Spike Wheels


31 January 2017

High speed electric skateboard power vs...the frozen countryside

The "Endless Ride" doesn't stop when the sun hides...because of our cold, wet winters here in Germany Mellow was designed to be much more than a fair weather friend. On the practical side, we wanted to continue real-world testing in winter even while shredding the limits of electric skateboard design and uses.

The Mellow Spikewheels were born.

Motorized all-terrain skateboarding where the terrain ends

In mid-January, when an area lake froze over, Mellow engineer Mathias took to the ice to make in history as the first electrically-powered spikewheel iceboard racer thanks to a simple mod employed by generations of motorcycle and car ice racers: off-road wheels with embedded carbide metal studs.
mellow-electric-skateboard-spikewheel comparison

The test was a success, with the Drive's waterproofing holding up easily against fountains of ice and water spray. A 4WD version of the Mellow e-Iceboard promises even more explosive acceleration...never again will you be the last one to arrive at that coveted ice fishing hole. The scientific applications alone are mind-boggling...

OK - there is actually no Mellow Ice Racing League yet, but the irresistible grin on Matze's face is proof that there should be.

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