Mellow Recognized As Top E-Mobility Innovation


8 June 2018

We are not getting tired of collecting awards ;) This time the Mellow Drive was recognized as the outstanding innovation in the e-mobility sector. This actually is an important signal not only for us but also for e-skates and light electric vehicles (LEVs) in general.

Legal Situation of LEVs

LEVs such as e-scooters, e-skateboards and mono wheels are spreading more and more, especially in urban areas. They have the potential to change the traffic system for the better because they are energy-efficient and low in CO2, reduce the risk of congestion on our roads and can be optimally combined with public transport for longer journeys.

However, they are still not legally regulated in many countries and therefore not allowed in traffic. In Germany, manufacturers have been waiting in vain for results from a recent evaluation process for the registration of LEVs, which were announced to be published by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in early 2018. Other European countries such as Sweden, Belgium, Finland and Norway have recognized the importance of innovative and sustainable mobility alternatives and introduced regulations for light electric vehicles much faster.

light electric vehicles in traffic

Turnaround in the Mobility Sector

We see it as important signal that this week in Berlin experts from business and science bestowed the German Innovation Award in Gold to the Mellow Drive as groundbreaking mobility concept. Thus, they set an example and express that Germany as well as other nations should urgently follow suit in accepting and regulating LEVs in traffic.

This is what the jury sais: “The Mellow Drive is much more than just a gadget to increase the fun factor of skateboards. When used properly, the electrified board becomes an alternative means of transportation, whether in the vicinity or as a practical last-mile solution in combination with public transport. A great innovation, which is accompanied by the useful route planner app.”

Almost every month, news about progress in the legal situation of LEVs reach us from other countries. In most cases, they are now regulated like e-bikes. With a maximum speed of 25 km/h and front and rear lights they are allowed to ride wherever bicycles are allowed. We hope that such a regulation will also be realized in Germany and other nations shortly, so that traffic will be relieved and our cities will soon be even more liveable.

Mellow Boards wins German Innovation Award
German Innovation Award

Check out our overview on the legal situation in different countries as well as our open letter to the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and stay tuned on further developments via our Mellow News!

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