Mellow School #10: Introducing Endless Mode


15 November 2017

For this latest Mellow School we review the benefits and usefulness of the three main modes of the Mellow Drive (Rookie, Eco, Pro). In the second part we introduce the much anticipated Endless Mode. Finally, you can push like a classic skateboard, but get the assisted boost from the Mellow Drive to help you skate more effortlessly, faster and for longer. This riding mode is a first of its kind and the closest to real skateboarding. Make sure you download the new Mellow App because Endless Mode will be activated by the first major firmware update soon!

If you want to try to WIN the Mellow hat make sure you tell us in the comments of the Youtube player what mode you ride in the most and something about where you like to ride or where you ride to the most often.

Keep rolling to new places with the Mellow Times.

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