Mellow Tinder #1 - ISPO Trade Fair Speed Dating

Deck Selection

16 February 2017

With so many options, playing matchmaker to get just the right board together with your Mellow Drive isn't always easy. Mellow is mountable on almost any skateboard, so like the old song says, let’s shop around! Sometimes you prefer the stability of a longboard, but then yearn for the fun and agility of a shorty the day after.

Stay tuned to Mellow Tinder where we will go on a hunt for the perfect match by seeking out all types of boards. But don’t forget, the best part about Mellow is you don’t have to choose: keep a couple of different decks in your quiver even if you have just one drive. Skateboard polyamory is ok with Mellow! :)


Sector '9's Jackson Shapiera's Pro Model cruiser is made for going fast with a nice short surfy shape and references his Aussie nationality in the colors. Its classic plywood construction is very stiff and heavy but also quite durable if you keep it away from too much water. This one is definitely good for waves of fun!


In’Bô’s Goutte cruiser model means "waterdrop" and looks lovely with its carbon reinforced beechwood core, a good amount of flex and a kicktail for last minute turns. Made in France for your Mellow Made in Germany - how's that for a couple? 


This mean green riding machine is one of our favorites. Buddybuddy Boards are made with recycled materials, green products and locally sourced. The so-called Basic model comes with infamous Anchor Core Technology to dampen out all the bad vibrations from the road. It's engineered to run smoothly over rough surfaces while supplying loads of snappy flex to bounce from carve to carve. This limited edition version is basalt fibre reinforced (carbon’s eco cousin) on the outside. A nice width, with huge cuts at the wheel to let you keep your trucks loose and double kicktails for added agility.


The Pogo RoadKill has a deep bathtub concave shape that uses snowboard technology integrating titanal and kevlar layers in its core - this solid board will stay with you a very long while. Linked up with a Mellow Drive it’s you who will be killing the road! Made in the mountains of southern Germany.


This Swiss-made MiniTool by Fibretec is made of laminated bamboo and quad-axial fibreglass. The extra boost you will get with such a short board will have you holding on by your toenails for some fast good times. Plus, we like how that tree graphic grows right out of the Mellow Drive!


This graphics on the Pestilentia make this Graveyard Longboards deck a mite grim, but we promise that hooking up to Mellow Drive you will give you zest for living! The 91cm x 24,7 cm surface will give you a nice stable ride and maintain your nice electrified, motorized and happy existence on this mortal coil.


This carbon fiber number by Rocket Longboards has been cooked up to reduce weight and let you pour on maximum speed. These two future technologies were made to live in wedded bliss, giving you the next best thing to an actual rocketship that the electric skateboard world can offer.


This is the Pro Series Wraith by Madrid, a fast freerider made to race. Tons of space to plant your feet while the W concave locks you in. A big plus is the deep-cut wheel wells that allow you to switch up later to bigger wheels or looser trucks to get some extra-Mellow swerves in your Endless Ride. "Sustainable transportation" never had it so stylish.

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