Video Walkthrough of Mellow's Drive Electronics


11 April 2017

So as Kilian says "Let’s get nerdy!" It's time to go past the pretty face of Mellow’s design and probe the brain. Let’s try to unveil the mystery behind the circuitry and see what the engineers at Mellow have cooked up for you. In this FAQ session with Kilian, Mellow head engineer, explains how the electromagnetic field that spins the wheels is controlled, talks about hack-proof remote wireless communication and describes the data logging application that will continually improve your ride through monitoring, downloads and updates. 

Motor control

Mellow uses a Texas Instruments microprocessor to control the motor with the latest commutation methods: Field Oriented Control (FOC) sinusoidal commutation gives more silent running and higher torque than the "block commutation" that other products use. 

Electronic motor control means that the brain needs to know the position of the motor at all times. Mellow does by sensing "Back EMF" without sensors, so we can get rid of more hardware that might break.


The system on the Mellow communicates with the battery via the waterproof Rosenberger battery connector, monitoring important conditions like temperature and current, and giving you maximum performance via Intelligent Derating, while avoiding deep discharge of the battery. The main circuit board also communicates via wireless technology with your remote, and even with another Mellow Drive in a 4WD setup.

Most importantly, the system can communicate with our tech teams at Mellow by sending us error logs so that we can help maintain your ride from afar.



All electronics have been developed in partnership with TQ Systems, a supplier of Airbus and manufacturer of robotics for use in space, ensuring a secure system that will keep you on your endless ride.

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