What's inside the Mellow Box?


30 March 2017


Backers, pre-order customers, future customers, Brad Pitt...asking the important question. 

The Mellow Drive is a high-end e-mobility solution that still lets you get hands-on to customize your ride.

Whether you've ordered a single Mellow Drive to power up your favorite deck or a complete Mellow Board that's ready to roll with just a few turns of a screwdriver, let's take a look inside the box to see exactly what you get, and what you'll need to start rolling. The goodies shown above are also exactly listed in each product page in our webshop; we filmed the video just for your viewing pleasure.

Mellowers who have opted for the four wheel drive version, the Mellow Drive 4x4 and the Mellow Board 4x4, will simply receive an additional Mellow Box. Please note that 4 wheel drive functionality will be available in a future firmware update that'll be easily flashed over to your Drive via the Mellow App

What you need

Before you get your Mellow Box, make sure you have a standard skate tool (available for a few dollars in any skate shop) and Phillips (cross-head) screwdriver on hand. Remember, if you have ordered the single Mellow Drive you'll still need your own skate or longboard with just the front truck already installed.

If you are getting a complete
Mellow Board, you'll just need the tools. 


No Mellow packaging was harmed in the making of this video. (We didn't want to steal the thunder from the unboxing-addicted Mellow fans out there.)

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