A First Look into the Mellow App


22 December 2016

The Mellow App will be finalized in the coming weeks and published in the Apple App Store and, shortly afterwards, in the Google Play Store. Come take a first look into the App and its functionalities before the official launch. 

The Mellow App unfolds the digital dimension of the Mellow Drive (our electric skateboard motor kit) and turns every ride into a full-on 360° user experience. Use the map to check your range, monitor your riding data, pass your Riders License or get in contact with the Mellow Team if you need personal support.

One account for all
Use the online Mellow Account you created when ordering or create a new one. The Mellow Account will let you save your rides and contact Mellow support directly if needed. The Mellow Account profile can be fully edited within the app.

Customize the app by setting your preferences. The app will define and display your range and give you even more personal support when needed.

Safe encryption 
The bluetooth connection between phone and Mellow Drive is encrypted for safe and secure data transfer, avoiding interference and interception.

Stay updated 
You can update the software on your Mellow Drive, the remote and battery with just a click of a button.

Keep informed 
Under „Your board“ you get an overview of your most vital riding data.
• State of charge of your Mellow Drive and remote control
Mileage, daily and overall
Top speed
Range (map display)

Shape your ride 
Choose one of the four riding modes to displays acceleration and top speed.
 • Rookie 10% acceleration, 15 km/h max
 • Eco 30% acceleration, 25 km/h max
 • Pro 100% acceleration, 40 km/h max
 • Endless Ride, cruise control, you push and the motor keeps the pace, acceleration and max speed depend on how fast you can push

Stay in touch 
Find an instant answer in the FAQ section, or contact the Mellow Team directly via e-mail and get an answer within 24 hours.

Pass your Mellow Riders License 
The Mellow Riders License is the manual that provides you with important information about your Mellow Drive and how to ride it safely.

 • Getting started

 • Mellow Drive
 • Remote
 • Battery Pack
 • How to ride
 • Safety first

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