Company Update

1 September 2020

Dear friends and family,

We hope you are all doing well considering the current circumstances.
At a time of unprecedented disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, all of the Mellow staff has adapted in various ways to keep up the support and sales processes.
The market has been tough even before Corona however.
Several heavily financed competitors filed for bankruptcy during the past months. To avoid going the same path we were forced to undertake some steps to keep the company running.
That´s why we have decided to stop selling through our own online store and to also keep the customer service on our end at a minimum level.

What does this mean to you and what will change?

All the important internal processes will still be up and running, just with less staff than before. To be able to handle the workload with fewer Mellow staff we decided on selling through only one channel in the upcoming months.

From now one, Mellow products will be available at the online store of our trusted partners at

You still can count on us concerning any product related customer service issues. However we will not be able to keep up the same high quality customer service that you are used to. That's why we have to apologize in advance for longer service / repair times than usual and for reduced communication via email.

To reduce your waiting time we want to suggest you check out our blog and Mellow school videos for the most common customer service inquiries:

- Pairing of the remote, starting and stop the drive, signals, general inquiries etc. =

- Firmware updates =

- Decalibrated remote (issues with braking / acceleration or unresponsive remote showing red triangle and red skateboard light) =

- Battery not charging = Please try leaving the Battery on the charger for >24h, unplug it and plug it back in.

- Bearing / motor noise = Please try replacing the outer bearings and / or tightening the Drive wheels

If above solutions don’t do the trick for you, please send in your Mellow equipment to the following address:

Mellow Boards GmbH
℅ TQ Systems
Am Wildmoos 1
82266 Inning am Ammersee

You will need to include the following documents:

A short description of your issue

Your original invoice, showing that you are within the 1 year warranty period for the Battery / 2 year warranty period of the Drive.

Your preferred delivery address for the return shipment

We will cover for the costs of the return shipment. Please note that if you send in anything from a non-EU country, you will need to attach 3 copies of your original invoice on the outside of the shipment and mention that it is a return shipment for a warranty claim. Otherwise it will not pass customs and we will not be able to fulfill your claim.

This isn't an easy step for any of us at the Mellow family, but it will be vital for the upcoming months.

We wish you, our Mellow community, all the best to get through this hard time and we are looking forward to better messages in the future.

Stay mellow!

Your Mellow Family

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