Double Your Distance Special


29 April 2019

To ensure that your rides are truly endless this Summer we have decided to offer you a 2nd battery at a 50 € discount at the purchase of any Mellow Drive on our site. The warm sun has you thinking about changing the way you ride, commute and experience your city. Mellow is on your mind!  We want to help you make up your mind and make sure your Mellow can reach your destinations and come along for all your endless rides by doubling your distnace you can ride. You are going to need extra range for extra large adventures! Whether you are taking your Mellow across town, down the coast or on the plane to the other side of the world being able to ride double distanceis always better. Use the promo code #DOUBLEDISTANCE on your purchase of any Mellow drive and add an extra battery in the basket and we will discount 50 € from your total price!extra_battery_newcover

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