Summer Specials

16 July 2019

We are deep into summer and to keep you riding or start you riding a Mellow we got some Endless Summer Specials. Our first special is a limited edition special complete setup that is perfect for beginners that we have baptized as the GT-S. Our second will Double Your Distance with an extra battery. The Mellow Enhancement Package will double your accessories to keep you riding longer.

1) The GT-S is the ideal complete set up for beginners. With the classic quality of buddybuddy boards that Mellow owners have come to know we present a new shape. Wide and long, this board gives your room for a stable stance while you work your way up through the Mellow modes. This board includes Anchor Core Technology that dampens the vibrations and helps keep you cruising on your boards as you discover the joys of electric skateboarding. Buy it here.

2) Our Double Distance deal helps you extend your range by taking advantage of one of the most progressive features of the Mellow, the swappable battery system. With the purchase of any Mellow Drive, kit or complete you will have a 50€ discount on the second battery if you use the promo code «DOUBLEDISTANCE » at the time of purchase on our web shop. Now you can ride one battery out and one battery to get back to make sure you get home!

3) Our Enhancement Set is for those endless riders that are ready to step it up. This deal includes an extra normal charger, extra battery, extra set of 80mm drive wheels and fresh Mellow t-shirt for you to ride with pride wearing it. The beef of this deal is the extra battery but no more waiting around for your first battery to charge before you charge your second one because you will now have a 2nd charger that will help you reload your batteries faster instead of setting alarms in the night to charge your next battery. With all this extra riding you are going to wear out your wheels so a fresh set of drive wheels will keep you rolling after your first 1000km. But it here.

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