Execution of a Dream Mini Movie


15 September 2017

When we started Mellow, we had a dream and we dreamt big. 
But, what we never dreamt of was, what it takes, to make this dream come true. We needed three years of solid engineering to execute the vision we had in mind. You can even read our whole story here. Looking back, we now fully understand the meaning of the start-up mantra, "Ideas are nothing, execution is everything". It’s this make or break mentality that pushed us to meet our goals and even go beyond them. As we wanted to be best in the class, we had to go that extra mile. But, it was worth every step of the way. Words can't explain how much thought and craftsmanship we stuffed into the Mellow Drive to make it the high quality product we aimed for. That’s why we want to present to you our latest mini-feature, Execution of a Dream. It gives you an intimate insight into the people and the commitment that it took to finally bring the Endless Ride to the streets.

We hope this can capture some true Mellow spirit. Stay tuned for more episodes to come by singing up to the Mellow Times.

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