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19 September 2017

Too many people that go on a trip, go with a script. With today's ubiquitous video content and social media, you know too well where you are going before you get there. You know what monuments to visit, what color the sea will be and you already know what and where you will eat for dinner. For the most part there is a reason why these sites are famous and by all means visit them if this is your first time visiting. But, whatever happened to traveling being exploration, searching for the unknown and getting hit with the unexpected? Mellow electric skateboards will help you venture away from the swimming pool into more exciting holidays and help you return with more than a sunburn from your next trip.


The key thing with a Mellow which is rare for many electric vehicles is that it is air travel approved and legal to fly. Forget a trip that consists of eating, lounging and not getting too far from the beach. With the usual car rental plan, precious time can be lost in traffic and searching for parking because you are not the only one who decided to come here. Mellow is a vehicle that will expand time and will have you searching stories and good memories instead of a parking place. Just ride off into the unknown, also what we like to call "adventure boarding". With your trusty range map on the Mellow App you will be able to estimate your range so that you don’t wonder off too far.


Maybe your day mission has a destination but on your Mellow you can enjoy the road there and put on an endless smile while on your adventure. Instead of a monument, expensive restaurant or place "you have to go to", you can experience with a filter of your own. Discover runs on smooth roads, banks you can crank and downhills you can bomb. Leave space for the unpredictable and trust me you will see cool sights, meet locals and have your very own endless adventure. Enjoy more photos in Mallorca by Philipp Herfort below.

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