Mellow Tinder #9: BuddyBuddy Cruiser

Deck Selection

8 December 2017

Join us as we thrash through Athens for our latest Tinder board review with the BuddyBuddy Cruiser. Not to be biased because we sell it in our shop as a deck or a complete, but it's one of our favorite boards. It was costum-made for the Mellow out of eco-responsible materials into a very orginal shape. Watch the video to see why we like this deck so much. 

Compatibility: 10/10
Great dimensions and board strength to really ride the Mellow the way it was made to be ridden. Keep your feet on the back screws and feel the drive under your soles.

Mount: 10/10
The BuddyBuddy Cruiser uses the classic four hole screw system. Mounting is easy. It’s a pretty thick board so don’t use super short screws if you are using a riser. I put a soft shock pad on the front since this is a stiffer board and that will help smooth out the bumps. No soft shock pad in the back, never, but a very slight angled hard riser under the drive is an option to match the shape of the board.

Ride: 10/10
The ride is rad. 78 cm length and 25cm width keeps the roll stable but the shorter length lets you be snappy and more dynamic.


Carve: 9/10
Its 60cm wheel base will keep turns quick. Ride with some looser trucks and you can get really swerving and surf up the back alleys like I did in the video. The little kicktail helps tons for quick skids. The reduced size tail means you need to put a little more effort into pivoting but it also helps avoid those unwanted wheelies a full-sized kicktail on shorter board can cause.

Speed: 9/10
If you tighten up the trucks it’s fine to fly on this board but keep it under 35km an hour.

Shaka: 9.6/10
So much shaka on this BuddyBuddy Cruiser. The little kicktail lets you play around and whip turns like a short board. But there is still plenty of board under your feet to feel as safe as on a longboard. It would be nice if it was a little bit smaller for travelling but I always manage to get through security with it in my brown Mellow envelope. Overall, an amazing great vehicle for the unpredictable concrete jungle city can be.


If you are inching for a Cruiser too, buy your complete setup or just the deck at our shop.

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