Mellow Tinder #6: Buddybuddy Basic + Carver CX Truck

Deck Selection

6 June 2017

The German-made BuddyBuddy Basic hides some amazing technology and a unique riding feeling behind its humble name. Its basic natural wood beauty reflects its attention to being an environmentally respectful board that uses local wood and offers a natural carbon fibre alternative. About a single meter in length and 22.98 cm wide there is space to race. Lightweight and available in various flexes, you’ll discover smooth carving on open roads or exploring the city streets. 

Lighter Mellowboarders and kids under 60 kgs will love the softer Flex 3, while heavier more powerful riders looking for a playful but still strong board will choose Flex 2. Riders of all sizes will love the hidden features like an integrated nose and tail guard.

Compatibility: 10/10

This board and the Mellow were made for each other - they both have the same pedigree after all. German-engineering thrust capability from the Mellow Board attached to a truly sustainable German shaped board makes for a lovely ride. Ride: The large board surface allows for multiple foot positions while you ride freely. A little flex will go a long way when Mellowing around by reducing vibrations and increasing riding pleasure.

Mount: 10/10

Easy peasy. No probemo! But we need to reiterate understanding how much your deck will flex when you carve and getting the right stiffness is important to avoid a situation where your drive might scrape the ground. So if you’re above 60 kg play it safe and choose the Flex 2.

Ride: 10/10

The ride is flexible, but reactive. The Anchor Core Technology shock absorption build into the deck is easier than trying to figure out to get shocks on your board.


Carve: 9/10

The massive cut-outs allow for big wheels and deep surfy carves. The flex helps you dip to tighten your turns to really have fun at lower speeds. Any manoeuvrability lost to length or lack of kick-tail was recovered with our CX carver truck than we mounted to it. 

Speed: 10/10

The stability of the board really lets you open it the throttle at higher speeds. The Anchor Core Technology really comes in handy to absorb the vibrations when going fast on rough roads.

Shaka: 9.75/10

It’s hard to not give this a perfect score based on its balance, flex and stability. We will definitely be seeing this board again on another date. Stay tuned for more developments - this relationship could lead to long, happy marriage thanks to its 5 year warranty!

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