Mellow Tinder #5: Quinboards Fourfour

Deck Selection

31 May 2017

We continue our search for true love on a skate date with a board from Cologne, Germany. Meet the Quinboards Fourfour, the best of both worlds. A stable longboard for cruising and dancing plus details in the shape that allow you to do some freestyle moves. Let's see how Mellow got along with this sexy fellow German during our romantic cruising along the port of Hamburg.

Compatibility: 10/10

Plenty of room for a Mellow Drive on the Fourfour. Not only in length (111,7 cm) but in width (24 cm). It's true that with longer boards you need to beware of the Mellow Drive scraping the road when flexing, but the stiffness of this deck kept us clear from danger.

Mount: 10/10

The Fourfour is a board that is ready to let you make the choices. With two sets of mount holes you can decide if want your wheelbase between 69 - 72 cm (27 - 28.3"). The narrower option gives you a bigger nose and tail on your board making it easier for slides and manuals (wheelies). For a more stable ride but a longer turning radius, opt for wider mount.

Ride: 8/10

The mix of maple, ash, carbon and fiberglass create a solid board with minimal flex. The large surface area gives you some room to breathe and change your foot position. Oversized slashers are pretty fun to try with this big slippery banana. Heck, hang ten while you're at it!

Carve: 7/10

Despite its stiffness it is still quite responsive. Enjoy safe long turns at high speeds or else pump shorter turns in Eco Mode to get that extra mile on your battery. Remember the wheelbase setup will let you vary the carving radius on this ride.

Speed: 9/10

Fast like fun gun and speeding feels safe. You will feel a bit of vibration with this stiffer board so if possible look for smooth pavement to blast off on!

Shaka: 8.8/10

This gun was bananas. We really enjoyed this board. We can't stop our German pride from swelling knowing that this setup is a 100% local manufactured product. With the big kicktail, ollies are tempting but you might as well save the stunts for your regular skateboard. Nonetheless, this combo will put you in the running for the longest wheelie! We don't offer this deck in our Mellow Board complete packages, but if you want to make the Fourfour part of your Mellow ride, check it out in the Quinboards shop.

Disclaimer: The Mellow Drive is sturdy, but aggressive freestyle maneuvers with hard impacts like ollies and kickflips will void the warranty.

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