Take the #mymellowdrive Video Challenge to Win a Battery


28 November 2017

Let’s all celebrate finally having our Mellow Drives and the new year that is approaching. 2018 is going to be big for us and you are going to be part of it! Let’s wrap up 2017 with a little video challenge that allows you to win a new battery to get you some more of that precious range on your ride. We also want to help out your video editing game with a few tips. Just watch the video below for all the details and tips.

So, are you ready to get your camera and your Mellow rolling? Grab your next chance to shoot on that sunny day or make the best of a not so beautiful day because Christmas is not far away. You need to get the video to us before Christmas so upload it by midnight on the 24th of December 2017.

Here is a reminder of the shots we suggested but you are not required to use. Feel free to come up with your own ideas:
- Your Story
- Close-up
- The World Around You
- Timelapse
- Turn & Burn
- Fly-by
- Artsy Shot
- Follow Cam
- Ender

Use the logo image (right click and save to computer) for a few seconds in the beginning of the video by just dropping to your timeline. Resize it if you have to.
Use the hashtag image on screen at the end of your video. Resize it if you have to.
If you like the song we used, Lantern feat. Aaron Oropeza - Tangerine Day Dream (right click and save to computer) that we used in our video you are welcome to use it as well. We have the rights to it so you will have no problem uploading it on any platform. You can use any other song but be prepared for it not to be accepted if it is a well known song. We advise you to use music that you have the rights to.

Keep the video under a minute and when you upload make sure the hashtags #mymellowdrive #mellowboards are in the description text and we will find it if it is on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Twitter.

Here is the 1 minute video that we made from our day out shooting.

Have fun, be creative and don't forget your helmet. We are looking forward to seeing what you cook up.

There will be a compilation video made of our favorite moments of all the videos and a winner will be announced early January.

Keep Riding & Stay Mellow

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