The KM King Race is On!


2 November 2018

During this change of season, riding your e-skate can be bit more difficult with all the leaves, rain, darkness and dropping temperatures. We did a blog last season with tips for winter riding to roll safely through this period. Thankfully a Mellow you need not fear water as much as most other e-skate brands so we incited our owners keep riding through these wet, leafy, colder rougher months. We decided to reward those that take the monthlong KM KING challenge of not changing their routine and ride as much as they could for a a month from Oct. 13th- Nov 13th 2018 with prizes like a battery, wheels and a hoodie. Below you will see the images of the latest weekly totals. You will find more details after the rankings.

✅ If you want to participate make sure you do the checklist below ✅

1. Go for a ride October 13th even just a short one.
2. Ride as much as you can with your app on. (Only milage with the app on will be counted.)
3. Go for a ride on November 13th even just a short one.

1st Place - 1 Mellow battery 2nd place - 90mm wheel set 3rd place - Mellow hoodie *All EU participants over 200 km's win a Mellow t-shirt.

*Only riders that bought their Mellow can win the prizes. Influencers & testers will be listed but cannot win any prizes.

*If you can't ride on Oct 13th or Nov 13th, take a screen grab from your first and last day you could ride between Oct 13-Nov 13 & send to Write KM KING in the subject line of the e-mail. Don't try to Photoshop your screen grabs. We can tell if you do.

*Don't try to spin your wheels while not riding to get extra km's. We can tell if you do and you will be disqualified if we see long distances that show this.

*If you have multiple drives, we will only count the km's on your drive with the most not the total of all your drives.

Good luck, be safe, wear your helmet, stay visible, careful on certain surfaces when wet, have fun & sign up to the Mellow Times!

Keep Riding & Stay Mellow!

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