The Mellow App is Live!


7 November 2017

Finally, we can celebrate the official release of the Mellow App. After months of beta testing and several iterations in the backend it’s ready for the big roll-out. The Mellow App completes the Mellow experience. Compatible with iOS and Android, the App supports you with riding data and other helpful functions on the go.


It comes with advanced monitoring and control features, a 24/7 support and helps you plan trips by displaying your potential range on a map according to the battery capacity and riding mode. It’s the interface between you and your Mellow Drive and our customer service. It provides you with regular software updates so that your Drive always stays state of the art and you have a direct connection to our tech service in Nerdistan. (The update functionality is only available in the iOS version at the moment, we’re working on including it in the Android version in the near future.)

Let’s take a closer look at the different functionalities: 

Customizing your ride

With the App you can set your preferences and individualize your Mellow Board digitally for riding data that suits you best. Knowing your board’s shape and your weight the app can calculate the exact range and via your personal Mellow ID you get the best support possible.


Choice of riding mode

Choose one of the four riding modes to display acceleration, top speed and range.
 • Rookie 40% acceleration, 10 km/h max
 • Eco 60% acceleration, 25 km/h max
 • Pro 100% acceleration, 40 km/h max
 • Endless Ride, cruise control, you push and the motor keeps the pace, acceleration and max speed depend on how fast you can push

Visualization of range

Plan your trip with the Mellow App: Depending on your riding mode, the range displayed in the map changes. Swipe through them and decide what’s your best way to get through the city.

Riding data & history

The App keeps track of your most important riding data regarding your mileage & top speed.


State of charge of drive & remote

One look and you know if you need to juice up your Drive or the Remote before you hit the road.

Rider’s License & Safety

We introduce the first Riders License for electric skateboarding. To keep you safe, Mellow offers a one of a kind riding school where you learn all about the Mellow Drive and how to ride it. To unlock the top speed of 40 km/h in Pro mode you first have to ride 30km during which you’ll get used to your new best friend. When you feel safe enough, you can choose to really pick up speed. Or you can stay mellow with a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Software updates for Drive, Remote & Battery

One of the biggest advantages of the Mellow App is that you can update the software on your Mellow Drive and keep your ride always state of the art. Stay updated with just a click of a button.


Technical support

We got your back! If you have a question just tap a button to get in touch with us for personal support and get an answer within 24 hours. If necessary we can have a look into your Drive’s data to analyze any issues and provide fast troubleshooting.

Manual & FAQ

We included an interactive manual in the Mellow App to get you going as fast as possible. Swipe through it, find the answers you are looking for and enjoy!

Safe encryption 
The bluetooth connection between phone and Mellow Drive is encrypted for safe and secure data transfer, avoiding interference and interception.

Learn more about how the Mellow App turns your ride into a 360° user experience by visiting our Mellow App site or by subscribing to the Mellow Times

to get informed about further features.

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