The Mellow Boards Compact Swappable Battery is Efficient & Smart


21 March 2018

Much of Mellow's innovation hides in the battery. Keeping it compact enough to travel, but still powerful was the goal. The performance it gets with only 14 Samsung 18650 cells is impressive. It powers the board up to 40km/h in speed and more than 10km in range. The battery is swappable and IP65 dust and water proof. Plus, you can use it as a powerbank to charge your phone or remote no problem! Can your e-skate do this?

Check out all features in detail:

The CAN YOUR E-SKATE DO THIS? videos will help understand the difference of a Mellow and see that development and progress to the current e-skate standards was our goal. Over the past 3 years we have put our nerdy brains to the challenge of making the best electric skateboard you can buy answering your demands of making e-skating more simple, reliable, accessible, powerful but safe, flexible and air-travelled approved! Stay tuned for a new part every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks and hopefully this spring you will join the Mellow family too!

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