Venice Beach is so Mellow


10 November 2017

Our filmer friend Dan Vogt was heading to California and we thought we could help make his trip more Mellow by lending him a board. The first place he hit up was Venice Beach. He cruised the beach but as the night started to creep over the hills during a peaceful sunset, people were quickly noticing the glowing light under his Mellow Board. One by one, they walked up to try to understand that unidentified rolling object. 

He explained it was an electric skateboard and showed them what was hiding under his deck, a Mellow Drive. They were all eager to try. Even core skaters appreciated the speed, free rolling feel and the magic of the Mellow. It would have been better if he let them use his helmet but they were a little lost in the moment. Just watch the video to take a look at their reactions.

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