The Mellow App

The Mellow App

The ecosystem behind the Mellow Drive

Compatible with iOS and Android, the App supports you with riding data and other helpful functions on the go.

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The Mellow App

Inside your Mellow Drive

The Mellow App backs you with the most important data of your Drive making it easy to plan your trips through the city.

State of charge

One look and you know if you need to juice up your Drive or the Remote before you hit the road.

Mileage & topspeed

Good to know: the App keeps track of your most important riding data.

Range & Mode

The App calculates your range according to the riding mode and state of charge.

Mellow App Your Board

your trip

Never get stuck again

Depending on your riding mode, the range displayed in the map changes. Swipe through them and decide what’s your best way to get through the city.

Mellow App Range

Make it yours

With the App you can individualize your Mellow Board digitally for riding data that suits you best.

Mellow ID

Create your personal Mellow Account to get the best support possible.


What kind of rider are you?


The weight of the rider is important to calculate the exact range

Mellow App Personalization


Always the latest firmware
with just one click

One of the biggest advantages of the App is that you can update the software on your Mellow Drive and keep your ride always state of the art.

Mellow Drive Firmware Update

We got your back!

If you have a question contact us and get an answer within 24 hours. The FAQ section might help you even faster.


Drop us a line at


Dial and speak directly to our customer support team.


For instant support reach out via WhatsApp.

Mellow App Support

Mellow riders

The first riding school for
electric skateboarding

Electric skateboarding is still a new thing. To keep you safe, Mellow offers a one of a kind riding school where you learn all about the Mellow Drive and how to ride it.

Mellow Riders License

the Mellow App now!

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