Mellow Tinder #3: DB Longboards Dancefloor 43

Deck Selection

24 April 2017

The DB Longboards "Dancefloor 43" is a dance party! DB Longboards are made in Seattle where people know how to dance and skate. It has literally enough wood to dance around if you are looking to hotstep your way through downtown. It’s 109 cm length lets you drop the hammer and go full throttle to see what kind of power the Mellow is really made of.

Compatibility: 10/10

The Mellow is perfect for this board. It's a happy marriage between these two.

Mount: 9/10

The mount was a cinch - nice and easy with classic hole placement. No special risers need. We added a thin shock absorber just to chill the vibrations t high speeds.        

Ride: 9/10

It’s a super steady ride. Just get in your speed tuck or roll mellow to just dance to your favorite tune.



Carving is limited with such a large wheelbase but the wheel wells let you loosen up the trucks without adding risers, giving you more swerve than your usual longboard this length.

Speed: 9/10

Speed is your friend with this board. Even above 35 km/h it rides like a dream that feels safe and cosy. If you take advantage of the wheel wheels to loosen your trucks to give you more turning radius there is a chance of speed wobbles at high speeds.

Shaka: 8.8/10

We are fan of the DB "Dancefloor 43" and would recommend it to anyone who wants to speed things up, but it's also suitable for someone who is looking to cruise with comfy speed to work on their cross-stepping without having to push. As mentioned earlier, you can take advantage of the wells to get a looser carve but speeding is then less stable. Sometimes you need to decide between speed and turning radius but this board gives you the best of both without having to sacrifice either.


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