Mellow Tinder #4: Spark Moonshine Board + CX Carver Truck

Deck Selection

17 May 2017

The Spark is a compact sidewalk slashing short board, hand-crafted in the U.S.A. by Moonshine Boards, made for a fast paced ride. The board is perfect for getting through tight spots while cruising the busy city.

Its lightweight deck is a single-ply, vert-lam featuring a subtle concave and ultra-durable 60D thane rails (a coat of urethane on the rail of the board that acts like a bumper). Its 100% waterproof construction goes just right with the IP65 waterproof Mellow Drive, creating a dynamic duo that’s ready for everyday fearless skating even when you get caught in light rain or have to thrash dirty alleyways to fight crime. Multiply all that with a CX Carver you will be high speed high surfing off into the horizon. DSC09143

Compatibility: 8/10

We kicked it off right away, feeling instantly that this was going to be a fun ride. The lack of kicktail took a little getting used to but after some turns we got used to its compact shape.

Mount: 10/10

Standard holes. Mounted nice and easy in 5 minutes.

Ride: 8/10

Super quick off the start with very little added weight by this compact board. We recommend you get low in your racer stance and hold steady carves once you get past 25 km/h in Pro Mode.


Carve: 8/10

Quick snappy turns. You will be pumping imaginary waves all the way home.

Speed: 7/10

Like the flames on its graphics, this board is ready for rapid fire acceleration. Take it easy - holding high speeds is not ideal for this little board since it might throw out too much wobble if you don’t hold steady curves, especially with those Carver trucks.

Shaka: 8.25/10

Slash-tastic setup! Portable and compact. Shredding pavement 100 percent with the Carver truck combo. If you have big elephant feet or prefer some room to dance around or vary your stance try a bigger deck from Moonshine.


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