Mellow wins German Design Award 2018


9 February 2018

We’ve already been excited about the Red Dot Design Award we’ve won last year, but getting honored with Germany’s most important design prize is yet another level. We are proud and happy to share this news.


The German Design Award gives us affirmation for the path we chose, developing a high-quality, high-end product that is made to last: Applying automotive standards to a product that for many at first sight appears like a toy, developing each component individually from scratch to meet our high standards, not producing in Asia but in Germany emphasizing the perfection of each individual part.


Challenging the trend of our throwaway society is not easy. We often hear people say that we are “overpriced” or just “too expensive” and it’s hard to make the actual worth of such a custom made product comprehensible as it’s not the pure specs that make the difference. It’s the perfect match, a smoothly running product, the intelligence of the system and its intuitiveness that add to the true value. This is hard to explain. It has to be experienced. So we truly invite everyone to test the Mellow Drive to understand.

We achieved the unbelievable

That’s what our product designers said when they heard that the Mellow Drive was chosen to win the German Design Award. It’s Germany’s most important design prize and a huge honor for us. Even for renowned designers and companies it’s very hard to snag this prize since you can only be nominated if you have already been awarded a national or international design prize. So it’s even more impressive that we as a start-up achieved this.


“The surprisingly powerful electric drive can easily be mounted on any conventional skateboard and offers incomparable riding fun. The motor is so compact that it’s hardly visible underneath the board,” says the jury statement and led to the winner’s placement for Excellent Product Design in the category Sports, Outdoor Activities and Leisure, to be precise.

Mellow in a row with Jil Sander, Telekom and Daimler

We not only were chosen from more than 5,000 international nominees on the winners rostrum, we can also be proud to receive this prize along with Jil Sander, one of the most influential fashion designers of our time, and companies like Telekom and Daimler. And there are some further interesting award winners...


If you want to check out all award winners, here’s the complete online gallery. And if you want to stay tuned on further Mellow product and company development get into the Mellow News loop!

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