Meet the team

If there’s one thing we are even more proud of than the Mellow Drive,
it’s the team behind it.

The Mellow Team

When we started Mellow it was just two guys dreaming of the Endless Ride. Thanks to this bunch of people the dream became a reality. Together, we bring a lot of professional skills to the table. But most important – we all believe in what we do rather than the money we might earn with it. This spirit empowers us every day to set new standards in electric skateboarding and even to change the way people think about urban mobility in general.

Keep Riding. Stay Mellow.

Founder CEO Johannes Schewe Johannes Founder, CEO Boardsports visioneer and soulmate of Kilian. Johannes is the godfather of Mellow, preaching the dawn of a new era of the asphalt surf. With more and more believers following him every day.
Founder CTO Kilian Green Kilian Founder, CTO Prime minister of Nerdistan and soulmate of Johannes. As a former BMW engineer Kilian is now leading the technical revolution by redefining the standards of electric skateboarding.
Co-Founder COO Tony Guether Tony Co-Founder, COO Hybrid of an economics genius and a Duracell bunny. Tony is planning, pitching and promoting Mellow 24/7. As proof he's not a robot, he's also the lovely voice behind our phone number.
Caro - Creatives & Communication Caro Creatives & Communication Miss Mellow – or the antidote to the testosterone overload. With her copy writing skills Caro lets the soul of Mellow sing and also answers all your questions.
Chris - Sales Management Chris Sales Management After working longtime in retail for big boardsports brands, Chris now switched sides to make potential partners a Mellow offer they simply can't refuse.
Ben - Events & Social Media Ben Events & Social Media Better known as the Endless Rider, Ben is living the dream of travelling the world with his Mellow Drive. Spreading the word on the streets and online.
Andi Kern - UI & UX Design Andi UI & UX Design Andi's mission is proof that design is not just about perfection, but user experience. You'll know exactly what he means the first time you get your hands on a Mellow Drive.
Christoph - Industrial Design Christoph Industrial Design As a junior professor at Dresden University, Christoph is a real authority. Being responsible for the sleek design of the Mellow Drive, he is also the only authority we trust blindly.
Matze - Mechanics Engineer Matze Mechanics Engineer After Matze wrote his master thesis at Mellow about the first ever test rig for an electric skateboard, we knew we had to keep this guy. And of course…his test rig.
girl Fabi Aesthetic Engineering Besides working on his degree as an industrial designer Fabi supports Mellow with his creative skills in every spare minute. Don't tell his strict professor…Christoph.
girl Paul Aesthetic Engineering Theoretically Paul is well on his way to become an industrial designer. Practically he is backing Mellow with his craftsmanship from the beginning.
Artje - Art Direction Artje Art Direction With his own streetwear-label, Artje already demonstrated his style capabilities. And all we can say about him being the guardian of Mellow aesthetics: We like what we see!
Niki - Legal Support Niki Legal Support This is probably the most correct person in the team. Besides his legal knowledge Niki is not your usual stiff lawyer, but rather the groovy surfer guy.
Kathrin - Public Relations Kathrin Public Relations Sustainability is a matter of the heart for Kathrin. Since 2010 she’s pushing the energy revolution by spreading the word as a professional. Thanks to Mellow she now doesn’t even have to push anymore...
girl You Team member If you want to be part of a young and energetic team with a great vision then get in touch and let us know what you can do best!
Mellow | The Electric Drive that fits under any Skateboard – Mellow Boards GmbH Keep Riding. Stay Mellow.