The Mellow Remote - How to Control Your Mellow Drive


24 April 2017

Let us introduce to you the Mellow Remote, a completely new design for an electric skateboard remote control with a unique user experience. You'll see that, like the Drive, the Remote was designed from the ground up to our vision of electric skateboarding. A contactless solid state slider design was chosen so that waterproofing and ergonomics are optimized. The rider has fine control over throttle, either dosing gradually, or punching it up for full torque and powerful acceleration.

We didn't think that braking should be an afterthought: the unique sliding mechanism gives as much travel backwards as forwards, giving you complete control over uphills AND downhills. Holding the remote is extremely comfortable so that even if you are going really far no finger won't get tired of pulling the trigger.

Watch our whole video walkthrough to get all the details!

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