The Mellow Test Rig for Electric Skateboards


15 May 2017

The Mellow test rig is one-of-a-kind. It was originally built by our engineer Matthias for his university dissertation during his Mellow internship. "Matze" is now working for us full-time in deep within Nerdistan running the test rig as one of his many responsabilities.

He and the team run simulations every day, collecting mountains of data involving as many different riding conditions as possible to constantly test, compare and improve the Drive's performance. Every operating condition of an electric skateboard can be recorded in real-time: speed, voltage, current, temperature and more. Controlled lab conditions let automation and software do hours of work almost independently, leaving us time to conduct tests in the real-world at the same time.

The satisfaction of those who have already tried out the Endless Ride prove that this labor of love is as much a part of the Mellow family as our Nerdistan engineers. Watch for her hard work and contribution to future Mellow Drive firmware updates and improvements.

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