The Wheels

Mellow Drive Wheels

In-wheel motors without belts or friction allow you to freewheel like a normal skateboard.

The drive wheels can be changed within seconds.

Get a set of front wheels for the perfect match.

Hidden power

They have the looks of a normal skateboard wheel and that’s also how they roll. With the ability to freewheel, these rims also visually complete the elegant understatement of the Mellow Drive.

Changing the wheels of your Mellow Drive is just as easy as with any regular skateboard wheel.

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Mellow Pit Stop

Wheels of

Custom Made
Custom-made for electric skateboards

Underneath the 6mm layer of polyurethan, the Mellow Drive wheels have a glassfiber reinforced nylon core that snaps like a cogwheel onto the motor.

Mellow Drive Wheels

Tech Specs

The drive wheels have been custom designed from scratch to suit the needs of a Mellow ride. They will last you as long as any regular skateboard wheel.


Mellow Drive Wheels
Mellow Drive Wheels Specs

Caring for

The bearings are a wear part that need maintenance

The Mellow wheels come with standard 608 sealed skateboard bearings. Make sure everytime you change the wheels, to also replace the bearings.

Mellow Bearings

The perfect match

To ride in style we also offer a matching set of front wheels to complete the aesthetics of your Mellow Board.

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Mellow Front Wheels


Mellow Drive Wheels
Mellow Fornt Wheels Specs
Mellow Wheels